Ways To Use Coconut Oil

CoconutIn previous post we have already shared healthy benefits of coconut oil and today I am going to show you different ways from which you can use coconut oil to improve your health and the way of life.

There are number of possible uses of coconut oil, and you may find some of these uses logical while others are totally unusual.

Let’s take a look on uses of coconut oil:

Coconut Oil and Skin:

  1. Coconut oil helps in removing acne. Apply coconut oil on your face and you will see acne will disappear from your face in couple of days
  2. Coconut oil is effective for removing skin tags. Just gently rub coconut oil every night before sleeping and skin tags will gently disappear
  3. Coconut oil also helps in treating skin ailments like eczema. Coconut oil contains some wonderful healing abilities. Apply coconut oil on overly affected areas for healing
  4. Coconut oil can protect lips in cold weather. You can easily use coconut oil as lip balm to protect your lips
  5. Coconut oil can treat and heal cold sores. Just apply it and see results within 7 days
  6. Combine coconut oil with oatmeal and cinnamon to create scrub for your face. This helps you to look beautiful and also feel excellent.
  7. Coconut is also known as anti-ageing because if it works very well on removing signs of wrinkles and lines on face
  8. You can use coconut oil to prepare your own body deodorant. To get exclusive body deodorant recipe I would recommend you to look at Jake Carney’s Coconut Oil Secrets
  9. Coconut oil can prevent stretch marks. Just apply coconut oil as you use a lotion. This will aid stretch marks to fad away
  10. Coconut oil can repair cracked heals. Just apply it on your damaged or cracked heals and find softer skin in no time.

Coconut Oil and Hair:

Coconut Oil and hairs

  1. Coconut oil treats dandruff. Just apply it on scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash it and you see no dandruff problem again
  2. Coconut oil is great for treating lice problem. Many people are using coconut oil since many decades as hair lice treatment. To remove lice from hair just follow simple steps. Remove lice as much as you can from hair. Gently massage coconut oil on scalp. Use louse comb to pull from scalp to hair ends. Apply coconut oil and leave it for 20-24 hours. Keep following these steps to remove lice
  3. Coconut oil can repair damage that is done by coloring. Apply coconut oil to hair ends and allow it to sit. Wash it out and keep repeating as much as you need.

Coconut Oil and Weight:

  1. Coconut oil helps greatly in controlling appetite. Just take one teaspoon of coconut oil with milk in morning and keep your appetite at bay
  2. Coconut oil can also help in increasing energy. Just put one teaspoon of coconut oil in water glass and get boost in energy
  3. Coconut oil can be use with butter containing food such as popcorn to stop body from storing them as fats.
  4. Coconut oil in homemade desserts like ice cream and smoothies can add flavor and provide healthy benefits as well.

Coconut Oil and Household Task:

  1. Coconut oil can be use to clean shower and tub. Apply coconut oil and rub in circular direction. Spray with vinegar and wash it with dry cloth
  2. Coconut oil can be use to condition wood especially cutting board. Apply it as you are applying wax
  3. Coconut oil can be use as the replacement of regular lubrication like WD-40

Coconut Oil and Other Health Benefits:

  1. Coconut oil contains powerful healing abilities and it can heal the pain of bug bites
  2. If coconut oil is insert into nose then it can stop running nose or dry nose
  3. Coconut oil is proved to be helpful for treating ringworm. Just rub coconut oil on ringworm gently with clean hands for 15 days and ringworm will disappear
  4. Coconut oil is also helpful for treating yeast infection. Just use finger to put insert oil
  5. People find great relief from fungal infections such as athlete’s foot but combining coconut oil with few drops of tea tree oil.
  6. Coconut oil proven to provide relief from symptoms of bladder infections. Ingestion of coconut oil is key to get relief from any symptoms of bladder infection
  7. Coconut oil can reduce the pain of hemorrhoids. Apply it as applying hemorrhoid cream
  8. Coconut oil makes immune system strong and protects body from various infections
  9. Coconut oil balances hormones level
  10. If coconut oil consume regularly then it is proven to increase mother’s milk production
  11. Coconut oil improve functions of different body organs


Coconut oil provides great healthy benefits but the key is to use coconut oil on daily basis. Coconut oil can help your body in numerous ways. But you will get excellent benefits if you use it regularly.



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